The Hemas Surgicals & Diagnostics Company was established to distribute and market surgical and diagnostic products in Sri Lanka. We intend to further expand our product range by identifying new Principals with advanced technology in order to meet the changing trends and demands within the Sri Lankan market. Our Diagnostics Division consists of bio-medical engineers, biochemists, and specialised marketing personnel. Our officers work on a 24x7 basis. Sales are directly undertaken around Sri Lanka by a dedicated team, and also through the National Sales Force. The Surgicals Division currently focuses on Hospital Solutions in the surgical sector including consumables. The team consists of professionally trained and technically competent engineers and marketing personnel.
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Essential Facts
  • The largest pharmaceutical sales network in Sri Lanka
  • Channel over 35 distributors
  • Over 300 medical representatives
  • Rapid delivery service to over 2300 pharmacies

Hemas Surgicals and Diagnostics