Hemas Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with leading consumer wellness company Zydus Wellness, has launched Complan in Sri Lanka. Complan is designed for growing school kids and contains 34 vital nutrients along with 100% milk protein.

The launch of this product in Sri Lanka will bring Complan’s belief that nutrition is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life, to the masses. Building on this, Complan contains vitamins and minerals which are essential to maintain a healthy life, immunity and cognitive function. The nutritious drink will be available in Royal Chocolate and Creamy Classic flavours, which will appeal to the palate of everyone.

Speaking on the introduction of this new product to market, Jude Fernando, Managing Director at Hemas Pharmaceuticals said, “As a company that has continued to enrich the lives of Sri Lanka’s citizenry, we felt that Complan was exactly the product that the Sri Lankan market needed. Given the fast paced lifestyles of many, missing out on essential nutrients during meals has become the norm. Adding Complan into your kid’s daily routine will replenish these lacking essentials, leading to a healthier and uplifted quality of life.”

Zydus Wellness is a leading consumer wellness company over 30 years with an Indian heritage and a global footprint, spanning over 20 countries in 3 continents.The company believes that a healthy lifestyle is not just about being active but also about feeling good from within.Therefore, Zydus Wellness follows an approach to health and wellness in a holistic manner. Since its inception, the company has nurtured and energised millions of lives by offering a variety of innovative, industry-leading products.

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