Hemas Holdings PLC and its subsidiary Hemas Consumer Brands signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with Clean Ocean Force (COF) to carry forward their strong commitment to protect Sri Lanka's natural environment through sustainable and responsible operations relating to the use and disposal of plastic waste. The MoUs will allow the two parties to combat plastic pollution in sensitive areas of the Negombo region for a more sustainable future.

The partnership between Hemas Holdings and COF will engage in a beach caretaker project along ‘Poruthota beach’ and Hemas Consumer Brands partnership will focus on a clean-up of the ‘Negombo lagoon’. The lagoon faces massive environmental challenges as it is connected by many canals and waterways that act as a pathway for plastic debris and pollutants. The addition of polythene, plastic, abrasives, and silt to the Negombo lagoon is destroying its biodiversity and endangering the entire marine ecosystem because the lagoon connects to the Indian Ocean

It is estimated that through the project, 350 to 500kgs of PET bottles will be removed, along with another 100kgs of other plastics, cans and pollutants through a weekly and bi-weekly plastic removal and directed to their sorting centres before being sent for recycling. Through the above process, underprivileged communities in the area are rewarded with incentives that will motivate them to perform such work towards protecting beaches and waterways while uplifting their livelihoods. This income assures that these volunteers can expect a steady monthly income during the prevailing economic crisis period.

Clean Ocean Force is a non-profit organisation working towards eliminating plastic, man-made pollutants and debris from the beaches of Sri Lanka.