The Hemas AstraZeneca team won 3 Major awards in the Asia Area Frontier Markets at the AstraZeneca Asia Area Frontier Markets Annual Conference held on February 15th, 2021.

  1. AstraZeneca Asia Area Frontier Markets – Country of the Year : Hemas Team
  2. AstraZeneca Asia Area Frontier Markets – Regulatory & Compliance Winner : Hemas Regulatory Team
  3. AstraZeneca Asia Area Frontier Markets – Support & Compliance Tenders Winner : Hemas Tender Team

AstraZeneca, through Hemas Pharmaceuticals operates in Primary Care and Oncology ranges with over 16 Brands in Therapy areas such as Cardiovascular, Gastro Intestinal, Respiratory, Anti-diabetic, Oncology and Gynecology. We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the two Business Heads Riza Cassim and Kapil Caldera for their leadership and commitment in leading the teams to achieve a great performance as we work towards bringing healthful living to the nation, and for being recognized as the Country of the Year in Asia Area – Frontier Markets, competing with Bangladesh, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia and Maldives. We also take this opportunity to Congratulate Hemas Regulatory Team lead By Tilak Fernando and Erandhika Angammana for Leading the Tender Team on their achievement.