Colombo, November 10, 2021 – Hemas Holdings PLC in its journey of Making Healthful Living Happen in Sri Lanka” launches the ‘Say Yes to Life’ campaign to create awareness and educate people to take control and manage their lives in a healthy and joyful manner. The group that has championed families living healthfully since its inception, is inviting people to embrace life and do what it takes to live a fuller life.

With 1 in 4 Sri Lankans being diabetic and the numbers on the rise, ‘Say Yes to Life’ will focus on educating people about diabetes prevention, nutrition, self-care and management. The campaign hopes to encourage and inspire individuals and families to make healthier choices in how they live, in short challenging them to take charge as they CAN and should have better lives, to keep NCD’s at bay. With a rice-based staple diet that does not help in managing blood glucose levels, and the lack of a stratified system to identify at-risk and pre-diabetic persons, it is vital that there is awareness on diabetes and we actively fight it.

Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson, Group CEO of Hemas Holdings spoke of why the Group is taking on the fight against diabetes. “At Hemas we have always strived to support and help individuals and families live a healthier, robust life because we believe every family deserves a better tomorrow. Having our roots and heritage in health we have seen the impact of diabetes first-hand in the sectors we operate in and are committed to help fight this silent menace. Through the Hemas ‘Say Yes to Life’ campaign the Group will strive to support the awareness and early management of diabetes in our communities.”She said.“

The modern-day sedentary lifestyle sees obesity creeping up amongst all age groups, with fast food and convenience food being adopted without considering its impact on the body. Diabetes has a long-standing impact on the economy of the family, with a less active lifestyle leading to low productivity. Although people have dual incomes in families, it can come to an abrupt end due to premature illness, with more spent on medication and doctor visits and blood tests rather than on things that are more important in life.

Reinforcing our overall commitment to our purpose, ‘make healthful living happen, we have also tied up with the Ministry of Health to screen and stratify diabetics among Sri Lankans of all ages in line with World Health Organization guidelines.” Kasturi Chellaraja added

Established in 1948 Hemas started with a simple intent: to help families live healthfully. This core belief has informed our growth for over 70 years. Today, we bring healthful living to life through our focus on Consumer Brands, Healthcare and Mobility. Woven into the socio-economic fabric of Sri Lanka, Hemas has also expanded regionally with operations in Bangladesh, West Bengal and Myanmar. In our onward journey, we will continue to invest in diverse and passionate teams, create meaningful offerings, cultivate trusted partnerships, and champion a more inclusive world, to create a positive impact for all our stakeholders.

Hemas CEO
Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson, Group CEO of Hemas Holdings.