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Clogard which is making Sri Lankan smile brighter since 1992 is a total oral care solution which protects your entire family against cavities. The advance formula of our toothpaste, which includes hereditarily trusted clove oil and scientifically tested fluoride, is the first to be endorsed by SLS and is also endorsed by the Sri Lanka Dental Association. Our superior toothpaste will protect your entire family from cavities, strengthen enamel, minimize plaque and freshens breath.


  • Contains the advance formula of clove oil and fluoride
  • Protects entire family from cavities
  • First brand of toothpaste to have the SLS certification
  • Clogard Toothpaste, Toothbrush and Mouthwash provide you with a Total Oral Care Solution to provide healthy oral hygiene for the entire family
  • Clogard Fresh Blast Gel – First Sri Lankan Gel toothpaste that fights germs & gives a long lasting fresh breath

Our product range

  • Clogard Tooth brush
  • Clogard Tooth paste
  • Clogard mouthwash
  • Clogard Toothpaste - Fresh mint
  • Clogard Fresh Blast Gel